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Bulgarian for foreigners

  • Bulgarian for foreigners
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ABILITY Language School
offers individual and group studies in Bulgarian  for foreigner
speakers through the following languages:
- English 
- French


The studies include all
levels – from basics (A1) to experts (C1).

If you own a business
here, bought a house or you have just decided to live here, in those cases it
is necessary to start learning Bulgarian for your daily contacts and normal

During your process of
learning Bulgarian you also will get knowledge in  Bulgarian customs,
daily life, special features of Bulgarian psychology. The reason to do this is
because you get in comfort with better and faster adaptation in the new foreign
language area.

No textbook is needed -
the language school offers its own learning system and methods
-  free for our students. Methods we offer are modern and based on
the communication approach and logical assimilation to the lexical and
phonetic skills you need . In our system we offer complex of well balanced :

·        Grammar

·        Phonetic

·        Speaking

·        Reading

·        Listening


 Individual lessons
are referred to individual 
necessities and profession of every student . Individual lessons are in a suitable for you
time and day , we offer also 
an opportunity for individual study at the office in convenient
hours for the student.

language school offers some different programs for learning Bulgarian .

·        General Bulgarian

·        Business course

·        Speaking course to
develop and improve your skills in Bulgarian speech .

Each level’s duration is  30 hours (45
min) / 15 sessions ( 90 min. ) – twice a week – 2 months . The price for
session is 20 levas .

At the end of every level you could receive a
certificate which are shown how many hours you attend and your personal
language abilities  in Bulgarian . 

For more information:
Phone . (02)953 08 87
0878 467 429

Address   : Sofia ,Ivan Vazov
distr.  Bobotinov str. Bl.5

e-mail:    Facebook: Ability language school



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