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Stream 5CLADB precursor 5cl-adb-a 5cl adb raw materials

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  • Stream 5CLADB precursor 5cl-adb-a 5cl adb raw materials
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Metonitazene   CAS: 14680-51-4

Payment terms: Western Union,MoneyGram,Bitcoin or USDT.

Deliver Time: Usually 7-15days

Shipping method: FedEx, TNT, DHL,UPS etc.Our deliveries are 100% safe, fast, reliable and discreet.

Samples will be sent for your evaluation!If you are interested in, please contact me, let's talk details.

We specializes in exporting high quality Research chemical, medical intermediate, Pharmaceutical chemicals and so on. Products are exported to USA, Canada, France, Korea, Japan,Russia, Southeast Asia and other countries.


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